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Booklet ITAWYS Schiffsstahplatten, painting 2017 / 18…

Booklet: oeuvre of the artist coltamolta – to 2017 / 1 + 2

The X-Book 4 b [1280x768]

2000 – 2014 – The X-Book

x - cover_fussel (2) [1280x768]

Booklet: Das Fussel_2014

1_cover_fussel [1280x768]

Booklet: Das Fussel 2_2014

x - booklet_Cover_das L- K [1280x768]

Booklet: Das lineare Konzept 2014

x-cover_skin & business [1280x768]

Booklet: Skin & Business_2014

x-SoV-Cover [1280x768]

Booklet: Secret of Vision I, II, III_2014

2013_Cover Entwurf- OFF-SETTINGs_2 [1024x768]


2012_4715_art doesnt stink [1024x768]

2012_4715_art doesnt stink

2011_Book_2 [1024x768]

2011_vibrations in art

2010_the other Dimensions_2 [1024x768]

2010_the other Dimensions

2010_das Fussel_2 [1024x768]

2010_das Fussel

2009 - Enhancement_2 [1024x768]

2009 – Enhancement

2008_die nulpenmaschiene_2 [1024x768]

2008_die Nulpenmaschiene

2007_Synapsen crossing Cortex_2 [1024x768]

2007_Synapsen crossing Cortex

2005-06_Synapsen Kapseln_2 [1024x768]

2005-06_Synapsen Kapseln